Matrix Games: The Advanced Basics

We have previously seen how to solve basic matrix games. (This section assumes you know how to solve those games, so click here if you do not.) However, most games we want to look at do not have fully defined payoffs or require mixed strategy Nash equilibria outside of simple 2x2 games. In this series of lectures, we learn how to solve these types of games. After you have finished watching the videos below, you will know how to solve any type of strategic form (or normal form or matrix form) game of complete information.

  1. Basic Probability Rules
  2. The Prisoner's Dilemma in General Form
  3. Battle of the Sexes in General Form
  4. The Hawk-Dove Game
  5. Comparative Statics
    1. Application: Breaking Balls with a Runner on Third Base
  6. The Volunteer's Dilemma
  7. Knife-Edge Conditions
  8. The Support of Mixed Strategies
  9. Weak Dominance and Mixed Strategies
  10. Rock-Paper-Scissors
  11. Using Matrix Algebra to Find Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria